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Here are some of the most watched action movies that you can find in the site mentioned:

Secrets of Deception

This is about a husband who cannot accept the fact that he is cheated by his wife with their neighbor. In return, he is planning for revenge.

Higher Power

Because of a sinister danger coming from space, the entire world is about to be annihilated. So this can be prevented, an impeded plan before must be reactivated so that a single person will be given an absolute power. The question is, who would be that person? You should not miss knowing the answer!


This movie was shown last 2014 but is still available online. This movie is about a man who was sleeping in the ice for 400 years. This is should be an exciting movie you should not miss.

Batman 1993

You might not believe this movie is still available but this is so true. As a matter of fact, you will also find movies from 1912 in this site.

This movie is of course one of the sequels of the famous fictional character Batman. If it weren’t for the Phantom, everything would just be as usual for the hero in this movie. This is just one of the many adventures you have to follow all throughout the movie.

There are still a lot of action movies you can find in this site thus you should check it now.