When the money is short and an emergency takes you by surprise, personal payday loan can be a good solution, since it is usually a mode with easy release, even with CPF analysis. What is worth remembering here is that, although it offers more facilities, it usually has higher rates.

In addition to the traditional way, the client can also carry out this personal payday loan by means of a pre-dated check. It works as follows: the customer makes the pre-dated checks available as a form of payment of the debt and the financial or the bank discounts the amount according to the chosen date monthly.

Remember that if there is no balance on the check discount date, it is protested and may even deny the customer’s name.


How is the loan payment done by check?

It is quite simple: the customer fills the check with the payment date of each installment and delivers them directly to the bank or financial institution.

The value is released within a maximum period of 24 hours and the customer has an average of 45 to 60 days to pay the first installment. But first, be sure to check all the prevailing conditions before hiring it.


Main requirements of this type of loan

Generally, the check is usually in the name of the person benefiting from personal credit, with the exception of some cases, where the bank accepts checks from third parties, provided, as guarantors or guarantors. To acquire it it is necessary to have active current account for at least 6 months and with recent movement.

Therefore, contact a trustworthy person as these checks will be your guarantee of payment to the bank. Check the loan rates of the main banks in Brazil.

Before deciding which credit to hire, compare the interest rates and make sure the portion is compatible with your pocket and if this is the best for you at the moment.


Key Advantages of Check Loan

  • Fast hiring;
  • Lower interest rates than the traditional personal payday loan;
  • Loan of larger amounts due to the guarantee of payment

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