It has not been so easy yet … The CPL Bank cash loan without certificates and the payment of cash even on the day of filling out the application. The CPL cash loan from PLN 1,000 to PLN 120,000, up to PLN 24,000 without certification will please anyone who needs a quick injection of cash for any purpose on maximally simplified procedures without the requirement to provide income documents.

CPL cash loan, consolidation loan and mortgage loan “Own Mortgage Corner” are one of the most well-known and appreciated by many Poles products in CPL Bank. Each client at CPL Bank can count on substantive support of experts and professional advisory services. Having a personal account at CPL Bank, you do not have to limit yourself. An Account without Borders is 0 PLN for card withdrawals from all ATMs in Poland and worldwide, 0 PLN for domestic transfers, standing orders and direct debits, 0 PLN for an account card.

CPL Bank came up with the idea of ​​how to significantly shorten the process of setting up a ROR online. The courier will deliver not only the contract, but also the debit card and notify the bank by SMS that the client has signed the documents. Such a procedure is a market novelty.


CPL consolidation loan in CPL Bank

CPL consolidation loan in CPL Bank


Thanks to the consolidation loan offer prepared by CPL Bank, you can count on 120,000 PLN along with the credited costs and by consolidating many different obligations such as credit card debt or account limit, cash loans, auto loans and installments. The consolidation loan of CPL Bank is primarily a low interest rate, additional cash for any expenses and a maximum amount of up to PLN 120,000. zlotys, the repayment can be spread even for 120 comfortable installments.


CPL – a cash loan at CPL Bank


CPL in CPL Bank is a cash loan, which can be used for any purpose chosen by the client. CPL is also a loan for people who have loans in several banks and would like to pay one, lower installment , because it also functions as a consolidation loan . The interest rate and commission for Mini Carriage are set individually. The CPL cash loan is often covered by various promotions , which is why it is beneficial not only for existing customers of the CPL Bank Bank.


CPL Bank cash loan


The offer of a cash loan for any purpose of CPL in CPL Bank has been refreshed. She went through a total metamorphosis! Now you can cheaper, faster and more to borrow. Yes, more benefits for account holders and deposits in CPL Bank. Everyone can afford CPL. The cash loan insurance at CPL Bank is no longer compulsory.


What does the new cash loan look like at CPL Bank?

Whatever you want, now you can have it with a new loan, CPL now gives you new opportunities:

  • up to PLN 120,000 for whatever you want
  • attractive terms of debt consolidation – you can use the loan to repay other loans and pay one installment
  • price preferences for customers using other CPL Bank products
  • attractive low interest rate in the case of establishing a security in the form of blocking funds accumulated on bank deposits
  • long lending period, thanks to which installments can be lower and better suited to your needs
  • a flexible form of payment tailored to your needs: on any account or cash in hand.


CPL – a new loan is also a minimum of formalities. Now you can receive CPL:

  • without security, up to PLN 30,000
  • without the consent of the spouse up to PLN 15,000
  • up to PLN 23,000, an account statement from the last 3 months and an ID card are enough
  • without proof of income, if your remuneration affects your account with CPL Bank.


How to get a new loan at CPL Bank?


It’s easy!

  • Apply online.

Check how quickly you get CPL – a cash loan for any purpose. CPL from PLN 1000 to PLN 120,000 (along with credited costs), without certificates up to PLN 24,000 (along with credited costs), cash payment even on the day of filling in the application.


CPL Bank Mortgage loan. Own mortgage corner

CPL Bank Mortgage loan. Own mortgage corner


Own Mortgage Corner is the most popular housing loan in Poland due to the low installment and professional advice. The housing loan at CPL Bank is a certainty of existence, a guarantee of service quality and transaction security (purchase of real estate) at a high level. The most valuable of the CPL Bank offer is a housing loan in the “Mieszkanie dla Młodych” program.


CPL Bank housing loan


  • low margin
  • financing up to 90% of the property value
  • loan period – up to 35 years
  • credit holidays once a year (possible repayment of one installment)
  • attractive, negotiated individual pricing conditions.


Housing Mortgage – Mortgage loan

The mortgage loan of CPL Bank is a strong and stable position due to a strong and stable position, which is one of the most popular housing loans in Poland and the best mortgage loan selected in the plebiscite organized by their website

. In the fourth edition of the competition, CPL Bank won the highest number of positive opinions in the category of the best mortgage, taking first place. For the third time in the history of the plebiscite, Internet users have appreciated the housing loan of Własny Kąt Hipoteczny of CPL Bank.


Advantages of the Mortgage loan

  • financing up to 90% of the value of the property and a long loan period – up to 35 years
  • fast credit decision
  • credit holidays once a year (possible repayment of one installment)
  • grace period in repayment of capital during the investment period up to 36 months
  • Up to 20% of the loan amount can be used for any purpose, for example to pay off financial obligations such as a credit card or debit in your account
  • individual approach to each client
  • the possibility of negotiating individual interest rates at the Bank’s Branches
  • minimum formalities – CPL Bank does not require the provision of a copy from the land and mortgage register, if the real property is in the Central Land and Mortgage Register and the transaction does not concern the purchase on the primary market
  • possibility to take advantage of insurance against the risk of job loss and hospitalization along with medical assistance and life insurance offered by the bank, and prepared in cooperation with external partners.


Purpose of the Mortgage Mortgage loan

  • construction, completion of construction, finishing and equipment, renovation, superstructure, extension of a single-family house, flat, garage or parking space, as well as construction of a house on a recreational plot
  • acquisition of: single-family house, flat, building or non-residential premises for reconstruction to residential, building plot, garage or parking space
  • reconstruction of non-residential premises or buildings for residential purposes
  • acquisition of a cooperative right to a dwelling, the right to a detached house in a housing cooperative or the right to separate ownership of a dwelling in a housing cooperative
  • changing the tenant’s right to a cooperative ownership right to a flat
  • changing the tenant’s right or ownership cooperative right to premises for the right of separate ownership
  • repayment of a mortgage loan from another bank
  • refinancing the costs incurred on the above goals
  • other goals related to satisfying your own housing needs.

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