This is a special and challenging zombie match. You first choose the first degree to get started. Within this first level, you will see some more information on how to play the sport.

The initial level is quite simple; however, it is merely to give the participant the hang of this. The little boy has become a zombie and your duty is to turn back into a person again by finishing all of the levels. First, you need to walk together with the zombie and signature with the exceptional magical block. This may cure the virus of this zombie. Then the next thing to do is to walk into the mind to receive them.

To solve all of the levels as fast as possible.

The next degree is a little harder already but still not that difficult for first-time players. Nowadays you need to jump across the gap to get into the magic block. However, you need to be cautious, when you walk across the cubes they will become cubes, which will fall down. That means you cannot remain on the block, so you need to keep jumping. Plan your jump carefully since you do not wish to drop down. Catch the mind as the boy and the amount will be completed.

Now you may face a new dilemma, when you conduct to the so you need to jump across the one which is hanging along with their mind. Whenever you are individual again, it is possible to return to catch the mind. Thus far, the game is not so difficult, but from today on the amounts will turn into a little harder.

The degree starts with the zombie beside the brain, but do not catch it you need to cure him. So take the huge jump and operate to treat the zombie. The falling cubes will make it a little more challenging this time. If you walk back, the openings are larger, so you have to be certain that the jumps are ideal.

Should you drop down you can easily play with the level again, however you will find some discount on the score them all?

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