Save Taxes with Donations: This is how you proceed

During the Christmas period, nonprofit organizations send more donations by post. Also at the front door or in the pedestrian precinct you are addressed to donations for a good cause. Whenever you donate a certain amount, do it naturally to help. As a rule, you do not expect anything in return. Nevertheless, it may also be useful for you to get a donation receipt. So you can deduct the donations with the next tax return and save money in this way.

How can you donate for a good cause?

Whenever you donate for a good cause, you can provide it in the next income tax return. As a result, the donations are deducted in the determination of income as special expenses. That’s possible with up to 20 percent of your total income. If you want to deduct the donations from the tax, you need a so-called donation receipt for the tax office (former donation receipt). Typically, you will receive one automatically sent by large organizations, at the latest by February of the following year, after donating. In any case, ask the organization or association whether you will receive a donation receipt, with which you can claim your donations for a good cause for tax purposes. You must first submit the donation receipt on request of the tax office. This means: You only have to retain the document.

Tax savings through donations up to 200 euros

Donations of up to 200 euros must also be available at the tax office. In this case you need the following documents:

  • Document via a cash deposit or account statement
  • Voucher of the donation recipient over the tax-privileged purpose
  • For online donations: printed donation receipt

A donation confirmation is not necessary for donations up to 200 Euro.

  • Name of the charitable organization, the association etc.
  • account number
  • Day of booking
  • Amount of the donation amount
  • Note on the tax-privileged purpose
  • If you want to save taxes by donating to charities, the receipt should include a note that the organization is exempt from corporate tax.

Save Taxes with Donations: What Should You Know?

  • Donations are listed directly in the form of the tax return.
  • Donations receipts and other evidence you submit directly with the tax return to the tax office. As a precaution, you can also submit a copy of the certificates and keep the original with you. So you can not lose any important documents. Contribution confirmations are available on request.
  • If the donations exceed 20 percent of your income in one year, you can claim them for tax purposes in the following year.
  • If you make a donation abroad, you should inform yourself in advance whether a foreign donation receipt meets the requirements of the tax office, in order to be sure that you can donate the donation. It is important that the donation meets the requirements of German charitable law. You must provide proof of this. This is possible, for example, by presenting the statutes of the foreign organization.
  • If you donate on a regular basis and do not want to claim the benefits first in the next income tax return, you have the option of applying for a tax deduction at the tax office. As a result, you already pay less income tax during the year. However, it is a prerequisite that the donations, together with other special editions, are at least € 600 above the total cost of advertising fee of € 1,000. You will provide proof of donations for a good cause with the next tax return.
  • If you want to save taxes through donations, but do not want to donate money, you can also make a donation in kind.

A Homeowner Or Home loan? Which One To Choose?

We all need a safe home. If we need real estate, but we do not have as much money as the property to be purchased, we can apply for housing loans . Before you can take out loans, you may find it helpful to use a credit calculator , since we can choose the most suitable offer for you from almost all financial institutions.

What’s the difference between a home loan and a homeowner?

If you decide to use a home loan with the help of a credit calculator , you can pay for a fixed amount of money, for example, with a fixed term. for ten years, the loan repayment installment, interest and other bank charges. Depending on the design, we can preload at predetermined intervals.

Instead of picking up a home loan, you can also choose a homeowner . In Hungary, there is a relatively new opportunity to get home. In the case of a homeowner, you will definitely get to every apartment you are attending, but you cannot know in advance when. In return, however, you do not have to pay interest to the bank. The essence of a homeowner – in large part without presenting the detailed conditions – is that if, for example, 120 people pay for the lottery, every month for 200,000 HUF for 10 years, then every month they will get a lucky property worth 24 million HUF. Of course, the “winner” will continue to pay the monthly HUF 200,000 in the same way as a homeowner.


Consider housing and homeownership right away

That is why we need to consider housing and homeowner preference to get an apartment right away, so we pay interest to the bank, or we have a home without interest and credit, but then we do not know when to get an apartment.

Whichever option you choose, it is very important that you look after every tiny detail and ask the opinion of experienced professionals!

Real Estate Loans Do Not Compare To The Residual Debt

Before taking out a real estate loan, it is important to obtain several financing offers from different providers and compare them. A comparison of financing offers the opportunity to find a particularly cheap loan and thus to ensure that the financing costs are not unnecessarily high.

Getting the offers is basically not that difficult. Essentially, this is a hard work. It is also possible to contact a mortgage broker and instruct them to solicit loans from various banks.

In the actual comparison

loan offers

However, it is important to be careful. Many interested parties make the mistake of comparing loan offers on the remaining debt. The train of thought is simple: If you request the same amount of credit everywhere and also eradication, etc. are equal, can be determined on the remaining debt, where to finance the cheapest. Unfortunately, this train of thought is not right: two factors can distort the result. First of all, there is the interest rate: the higher the interest rate, the more the repayment portion can rise during the term. In the end, the amount of the remaining debt is lower, but you have paid much higher installments and, in the end, paid more money.


The risk of expensive follow-up financing is increasing


On the other hand, many banks simplify the residual debt calculation: the full maturity is used, which is wrong. The fixed interest begins with the contract signature, payout and first repayment are usually only a few months later. Some banks take this into account, while others do not. Therefore, it is even more important to pay attention to the scheduled repayment period in the residual debt settlement, so that you can count on the right values.

Who finances today, must expect that the hypothecary interest in 10 to 15 years are higher than today. This would make follow-up financing more expensive and could noticeably increase the monthly payments. Consequently, it makes all the more sense to hedge against rising mortgage rates.


Personal Payday Loan: How Does It Work?

Individual loan, also known as Personal Payday Loan is a credit offered by banks and financial plus interest. When applying for a personal physical loan, you can use the credit for any purpose: to pay a course and invest in your career, take a trip or to organize financially.

“Can I borrow a Personal Payday Loan to pay off debts?” This is one of people’s main doubts. Well know that you can, yes, use the loan money to clear the debts and get out of the red, get rid of credit card debt or get out of the overdraft.


Loan for Individuals: how to ask for your

It is simple to apply for your Personal Payday Loan: just go to the bank or financial with your documents . In this case, it is ideal that you seek two or more proposals. Thus, you have more chances of choosing a cheaper loan . However, for this, you need plenty of time to be able to evaluate more than one proposal, right? It was thought to gather as many proposals as possible in a single loan application, which BPA Credits created the largest online credit mall .


Personal Payday Loan: Credit Analysis

After applying for your individual loan, it is the credit analysis phase, which studies your profile to thus grant or not the requested credit. Personal credit analysis analyzes: your documents; restrictions on your behalf; credit score; and commitment of their income. After the evaluation, you will be notified of the approval or disapproval of your Personal Payday Loan application. If it has been approved, the next step is to agree to the terms of granting credit and sign the loan agreement. Before accepting, read all the information and be aware of the commitment that will be signed. In case of disapproval, assess your situation and do not give up organizing your financial life .


Individual Loan: Negative or no credit score

The negative loan to a person is likely to be turned down. So if you have “dirty name”, the best option is to renegotiate the debt. Whoever is in default, should seek the company for direct negotiation, if possible, with discounts and installments that fit in your pocket. If you have a low credit score, the ideal is that you look for alternatives to increase your CPF score, to get better loan proposals. The more you take care of your financial health, the easier it will be to get your Personal Payday Loan.


Loan for Individuals: internet scams

To avoid being the victim of a fraud attempt, never make advance payment for release of your Personal Payday Loan. Click to find out what are the main precautions not to fall into loan scams over the internet . BPA Credits never asks for any kind of payment to analyze, approve or release your credit, such as deposit or fee collection. Get your loan online safely and 100% free .


Personal Payday Loan Good For Credit

Personal Payday Loan Good For Credit

Good Credit is practical, simple and safe. With just three steps, you will find your best Personal Payday Loan:Simple and secure registration; Available options for your profile; Choose the best one. Good right? Do not waste anymore time!


Loans, Loans, Accounts at CPL Bank

It has not been so easy yet … The CPL Bank cash loan without certificates and the payment of cash even on the day of filling out the application. The CPL cash loan from PLN 1,000 to PLN 120,000, up to PLN 24,000 without certification will please anyone who needs a quick injection of cash for any purpose on maximally simplified procedures without the requirement to provide income documents.

CPL cash loan, consolidation loan and mortgage loan “Own Mortgage Corner” are one of the most well-known and appreciated by many Poles products in CPL Bank. Each client at CPL Bank can count on substantive support of experts and professional advisory services. Having a personal account at CPL Bank, you do not have to limit yourself. An Account without Borders is 0 PLN for card withdrawals from all ATMs in Poland and worldwide, 0 PLN for domestic transfers, standing orders and direct debits, 0 PLN for an account card.

CPL Bank came up with the idea of ​​how to significantly shorten the process of setting up a ROR online. The courier will deliver not only the contract, but also the debit card and notify the bank by SMS that the client has signed the documents. Such a procedure is a market novelty.


CPL consolidation loan in CPL Bank

CPL consolidation loan in CPL Bank


Thanks to the consolidation loan offer prepared by CPL Bank, you can count on 120,000 PLN along with the credited costs and by consolidating many different obligations such as credit card debt or account limit, cash loans, auto loans and installments. The consolidation loan of CPL Bank is primarily a low interest rate, additional cash for any expenses and a maximum amount of up to PLN 120,000. zlotys, the repayment can be spread even for 120 comfortable installments.


CPL – a cash loan at CPL Bank


CPL in CPL Bank is a cash loan, which can be used for any purpose chosen by the client. CPL is also a loan for people who have loans in several banks and would like to pay one, lower installment , because it also functions as a consolidation loan . The interest rate and commission for Mini Carriage are set individually. The CPL cash loan is often covered by various promotions , which is why it is beneficial not only for existing customers of the CPL Bank Bank.


CPL Bank cash loan


The offer of a cash loan for any purpose of CPL in CPL Bank has been refreshed. She went through a total metamorphosis! Now you can cheaper, faster and more to borrow. Yes, more benefits for account holders and deposits in CPL Bank. Everyone can afford CPL. The cash loan insurance at CPL Bank is no longer compulsory.


What does the new cash loan look like at CPL Bank?

Whatever you want, now you can have it with a new loan, CPL now gives you new opportunities:

  • up to PLN 120,000 for whatever you want
  • attractive terms of debt consolidation – you can use the loan to repay other loans and pay one installment
  • price preferences for customers using other CPL Bank products
  • attractive low interest rate in the case of establishing a security in the form of blocking funds accumulated on bank deposits
  • long lending period, thanks to which installments can be lower and better suited to your needs
  • a flexible form of payment tailored to your needs: on any account or cash in hand.


CPL – a new loan is also a minimum of formalities. Now you can receive CPL:

  • without security, up to PLN 30,000
  • without the consent of the spouse up to PLN 15,000
  • up to PLN 23,000, an account statement from the last 3 months and an ID card are enough
  • without proof of income, if your remuneration affects your account with CPL Bank.


How to get a new loan at CPL Bank?


It’s easy!

  • Apply online.

Check how quickly you get CPL – a cash loan for any purpose. CPL from PLN 1000 to PLN 120,000 (along with credited costs), without certificates up to PLN 24,000 (along with credited costs), cash payment even on the day of filling in the application.


CPL Bank Mortgage loan. Own mortgage corner

CPL Bank Mortgage loan. Own mortgage corner


Own Mortgage Corner is the most popular housing loan in Poland due to the low installment and professional advice. The housing loan at CPL Bank is a certainty of existence, a guarantee of service quality and transaction security (purchase of real estate) at a high level. The most valuable of the CPL Bank offer is a housing loan in the “Mieszkanie dla Młodych” program.


CPL Bank housing loan


  • low margin
  • financing up to 90% of the property value
  • loan period – up to 35 years
  • credit holidays once a year (possible repayment of one installment)
  • attractive, negotiated individual pricing conditions.


Housing Mortgage – Mortgage loan

The mortgage loan of CPL Bank is a strong and stable position due to a strong and stable position, which is one of the most popular housing loans in Poland and the best mortgage loan selected in the plebiscite organized by their website

. In the fourth edition of the competition, CPL Bank won the highest number of positive opinions in the category of the best mortgage, taking first place. For the third time in the history of the plebiscite, Internet users have appreciated the housing loan of Własny Kąt Hipoteczny of CPL Bank.


Advantages of the Mortgage loan

  • financing up to 90% of the value of the property and a long loan period – up to 35 years
  • fast credit decision
  • credit holidays once a year (possible repayment of one installment)
  • grace period in repayment of capital during the investment period up to 36 months
  • Up to 20% of the loan amount can be used for any purpose, for example to pay off financial obligations such as a credit card or debit in your account
  • individual approach to each client
  • the possibility of negotiating individual interest rates at the Bank’s Branches
  • minimum formalities – CPL Bank does not require the provision of a copy from the land and mortgage register, if the real property is in the Central Land and Mortgage Register and the transaction does not concern the purchase on the primary market
  • possibility to take advantage of insurance against the risk of job loss and hospitalization along with medical assistance and life insurance offered by the bank, and prepared in cooperation with external partners.


Purpose of the Mortgage Mortgage loan

  • construction, completion of construction, finishing and equipment, renovation, superstructure, extension of a single-family house, flat, garage or parking space, as well as construction of a house on a recreational plot
  • acquisition of: single-family house, flat, building or non-residential premises for reconstruction to residential, building plot, garage or parking space
  • reconstruction of non-residential premises or buildings for residential purposes
  • acquisition of a cooperative right to a dwelling, the right to a detached house in a housing cooperative or the right to separate ownership of a dwelling in a housing cooperative
  • changing the tenant’s right to a cooperative ownership right to a flat
  • changing the tenant’s right or ownership cooperative right to premises for the right of separate ownership
  • repayment of a mortgage loan from another bank
  • refinancing the costs incurred on the above goals
  • other goals related to satisfying your own housing needs.

Too Many Loans

Unfortunately, many are falling into debt. This means that someone takes out a loan, that repayment has serious difficulties for him or becomes impossible. In some cases, this may be due to the borrower’s excessive greed, because he wanted to get too much or too expensive. However, there are also situations where the debtor had no other option but tried to act with care and responsibility, but his life situation or other external circumstances affecting him changed that the repayment of the loan taken was an insurmountable obstacle for him.

The latter case is practically impossible. Fortunately, not often, but anyone can lose a job for a long time, a secure income, some unfortunate event in his life that affects his financial situation, or simply increases his repayment installment so that he is unable to pay the commissioner’s income. Therefore, it is not only worth knowing what solutions exist for dealing with indebtedness, who are already directly affected by it, but for everyone who has taken out a loan or is just now applying for a loan.

Just because the biggest fear of every debtor is what will happen if he can’t repay.


What is too much loan?

What is too much loan?

How much of a loan is too much, it is difficult, or even impossible, to quantify. There are those who are in a financial situation where tens of millions of loans can be repaid by many and easy agents, while other households have a problem with repaying a few hundred thousand forints loan.

That is why it is worthwhile starting from the size of the installment and the ratio of the income to income in order to determine the “too much”. Thus, we can say that there are too many loans if the repayment of the loan (s) is such that it is difficult for the household or impossible. That is, they are unable to pay the installment and they are late, or they can repay, but there is not enough money left for other expenses (utility bills, food, etc.), which can cause another debt.


What is not a good solution for indebtedness?

What is not a good solution for indebtedness?

Many of those who are unable to repay their loans choose from two very bad solutions: in one case they do not want to be aware of the problem, and in the other case they try to fire with new loans. Both behaviors are merely a procrastination, and in the end it can only lead to a worse situation for the debtor.

Some people think that if they do not deal with the established situation or even ignore the letters of call, they can keep the problem away. Although this is not the case, they are being deprived of the opportunity to settle their situation and navigate themselves in a situation of forced debt, while their debt just grows due to non-payment, even a legal process, enforcement can start against them.

And those who are hoping for redemption from new loans and taking personal loans to repay their previous loans will face the fact that their debt will grow as long as they will eventually be unable to cope with the huge debt.


What can be done to settle the debt?

The contractual repayment of the loan is in the common interest of the debtor and the bank (or the lender of the loan). It is in the interest of the borrower to get his money back as easily as possible, not at the expense of complicated legal procedures, so he will definitely be a partner in finding an acceptable solution to the debt with the debtor. But this can only happen if the debtor visits his problem in time rather than pulling the debtor.


1. Repayment

It can often be a good solution to repay a loan in one amount, as this will definitely solve the problem. Unfortunately, this is not easy, only if the debtor gets the money he can make for the repayment. For example, if it is a problem to borrow a loan for your apartment, it may be a solution if you sell it and buy a smaller, cheaper property, and you can repay it (in part or in full). Of course, if it is not possible to put money into assets, there is still a possibility.


2. Renegulated Terms

If you are unable to pay your installment, you should renegotiate your loan terms with your bank. In many cases, there is a way to reduce the repayment installment by extending the term of the loan. In this case, you have to pay the loan for a longer period of time, and you will have to pay more to the debtor on the whole, but your monthly installment will be lower, so you will be able to pay and not get in big trouble.


3. Debt Settlement Loan

Debt arranging loans have been specifically designed for those who have more loans to replace their debts and only have to repay a loan to a bank on more favorable terms – at least with a lower repayment component. In general, such loans are also based on the fact that a longer maturity will result in a lower monthly installment, making it easier for the debtor to repay. This solution should not be confused with a personal loan for repayment, which results in more debt. The debt settlement loan “replaces” all existing loans rather than increasing the number of loans.

Personal Payday Loan Rules With Pre-Dated Check

When the money is short and an emergency takes you by surprise, personal payday loan can be a good solution, since it is usually a mode with easy release, even with CPF analysis. What is worth remembering here is that, although it offers more facilities, it usually has higher rates.

In addition to the traditional way, the client can also carry out this personal payday loan by means of a pre-dated check. It works as follows: the customer makes the pre-dated checks available as a form of payment of the debt and the financial or the bank discounts the amount according to the chosen date monthly.

Remember that if there is no balance on the check discount date, it is protested and may even deny the customer’s name.


How is the loan payment done by check?

It is quite simple: the customer fills the check with the payment date of each installment and delivers them directly to the bank or financial institution.

The value is released within a maximum period of 24 hours and the customer has an average of 45 to 60 days to pay the first installment. But first, be sure to check all the prevailing conditions before hiring it.


Main requirements of this type of loan

Generally, the check is usually in the name of the person benefiting from personal credit, with the exception of some cases, where the bank accepts checks from third parties, provided, as guarantors or guarantors. To acquire it it is necessary to have active current account for at least 6 months and with recent movement.

Therefore, contact a trustworthy person as these checks will be your guarantee of payment to the bank. Check the loan rates of the main banks in Brazil.

Before deciding which credit to hire, compare the interest rates and make sure the portion is compatible with your pocket and if this is the best for you at the moment.


Key Advantages of Check Loan

  • Fast hiring;
  • Lower interest rates than the traditional personal payday loan;
  • Loan of larger amounts due to the guarantee of payment