We all need a safe home. If we need real estate, but we do not have as much money as the property to be purchased, we can apply for housing loans . Before you can take out loans, you may find it helpful to use a credit calculator , since we can choose the most suitable offer for you from almost all financial institutions.

What’s the difference between a home loan and a homeowner?

If you decide to use a home loan with the help of a credit calculator , you can pay for a fixed amount of money, for example, with a fixed term. for ten years, the loan repayment installment, interest and other bank charges. Depending on the design, we can preload at predetermined intervals.

Instead of picking up a home loan, you can also choose a homeowner . In Hungary, there is a relatively new opportunity to get home. In the case of a homeowner, you will definitely get to every apartment you are attending, but you cannot know in advance when. In return, however, you do not have to pay interest to the bank. The essence of a homeowner – in large part without presenting the detailed conditions – is that if, for example, 120 people pay for the lottery, every month for 200,000 HUF for 10 years, then every month they will get a lucky property worth 24 million HUF. Of course, the “winner” will continue to pay the monthly HUF 200,000 in the same way as a homeowner.


Consider housing and homeownership right away

That is why we need to consider housing and homeowner preference to get an apartment right away, so we pay interest to the bank, or we have a home without interest and credit, but then we do not know when to get an apartment.

Whichever option you choose, it is very important that you look after every tiny detail and ask the opinion of experienced professionals!

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